WinSxS on diet

Update 2014.08.28 : Adding Microsoft KB in order to be able to clean WSUS updates on 2008r2 sp1 in GUI, big thanks to Since the version NT6.0 of Windows kernel (i.e. since Windows Vista and Server 2008, you can have … Continue reading

LazyMethodsEnabler tool

Following’s post Storage vMotion : the method is disabled, we work today for a new customer whom had too many some virtual machine with disabled methods (and increasing on a daily basis thanks to backup jobs…) : Without blaming existing yellow and … Continue reading

Viva la HashTable

We always tried to fully optimize scripts and applications that we developed because as soon as the infrastructure is quite large, the gain will not be insignificant (as we have seen previously with vCheck optimizations). While we were looking to … Continue reading

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