Kill Them All

During our adventures in troubleshooting world, we met an interesting case with some challenge and a lot of laziness (and that’s the kind of stuff we like :)). To summarize, we had an ESXi server whose hostd process was unresponsive, its … Continue reading

Memento: NFS maximum

Small memento following an internal question about extending the default maximum number of NFS volumes on ESXi (default is 8). We found the KB dealing with this issue about modifying ESXi advanced settings (KB2239) : NFS.MaxVolumes: Limits the number of … Continue reading

Mass disabling vMotion

For our new memento post, during a fully messed-up mastered maintenance operation from our beloved network team, we had access problems on our platform within and between VLANs which had the effect that some ESXi servers could not communicate with each other randomly … In order to avoid all vMotion tasks going … Continue reading

P2V preparation : IP address

When converting a physical server to a virtual machine (typically a P2V operation with VMware Converter), a big issue is that network informations are lost (due to TCP stack reset because the system saw the network card as new one). In order to avoid this, we’ve used to do … Continue reading