2016 VSAN vExpert

It gives an immense pleasure to be among the (very short, we’re just 32) 2016 VSAN vExpert list. Indeed, in this year 2016, VMware decided to add some specialties to the regular vExpert program. There are 2 sub-programs that have been introduced, … Continue reading

sshAutoConnect vCenter plugin

Update 2016/05/16: Thanks to @jmauser a Github release have been created that support vSphere 6.0 Update 2. You can download it here. Here is our first vCenter plugin ! It’s been a while we wanted to do this, here it is … Continue reading

vExpert 2016

As every year, VMware has released the list of vExpert for the year 2016 (available here with a little more than 1,350 entries, this community is growing every year ^^) and it is with honor that I accept this nomination and renews … Continue reading

SolidFire vs ATS heartbeat

We had to deal with an interesting case regarding a new VDI platform hosted on SolidFire arrays. During VM boot storm (around 1000 VM per cluster), we lost access to the ESXi servers, their vCenter status changed to ‘Not Responding‘, with unresponsive … Continue reading

Veeam and SexiLog Event

For those who are interested by SexiLog and/or Veeam™, or those who wish to have deeper knowledge about these two (awesome ^^) tools integration, we will animate an event organized by Veeam™. This session named « A better understanding of your log and … Continue reading