Powershell v3 and PowerCLI

Yesterday evening, we heard about a great news, a new PowerCLI release (5.1 Release 2): Alan Renouf published a post about it, explaining what’s new with Distributed Switches cmdlets: PowerCLI 5.1 R2 Released As we were reading the release note (available here, there is always … Continue reading

HP ESXi driver vs Dropped packets

As we were about to use some new BL465c G7 blades hosting ESXi servers installed with HP custom ISO image (available here, this image is built with needed drivers for G7/Gen8 hardware support, especially for FCoE onboard FlexFabric card), we started to receive some alert mail … Continue reading

vSphere web client localization

Edit – 2012.12.21 : Adding chinese string Since version 5.0, VMware changed the way they see the vSphere client as they released a full flex-based web client as an alternative for the C# one. With version 5.1, this client is no … Continue reading

Veeam Backup error after vSphere 5.1 upgrade

As explained in our previous post, vSphere 5.1 GA was released yesterday. So we quickly upgraded our homelab in order to start playing testing new features. The upgrade completed smoothly, a little bit longer than the previous ones, specially because of installation … Continue reading