Multiple sessions with Veeam Backup

If you had to deal with several admins using Veeam Backup 5 at the same time, you may had issues with multiple sessions support. It’s not possible with an out-of-box Veeam Backup to launch more than one console at a … Continue reading

vCheck v5++

EDIT 29/09/2011 : Version 5.5.1 – Patching some minor bugs (thanks to MacBookeur for testing) Today comes out our lovely hypervisor v5. Whith this new version comes great new features :p We will not speak of that, it is not the goal of this post, but rather … Continue reading

Locked orphans VMDK files

We encounter some strange behavior with our pal zozor during a datastore maintenance (understand migration). Since we still have not upgrade to ESXi5 and datastore maintenance mode, we used the datastore maintenance script from No problem with it (it’s really awesome for 4.x branches), … Continue reading

Suspect vCenter database on SQL Express

We met a quite funny/annoying behavior on a SQL Express in a homelab. We were doing lots of testing during stormy evening in Paris, and of course, general power failure right occured during a test (otherwise there’s no fun ^ ^). Result : servers reboot, keeping a tight ass during the 8 To … Continue reading