Updating Multipathing policy on PSP

Still in Memento category, here is a onliner in order to update all multipathing policy for a predefined list of datastore available on a predefined list of ESX host (VMHOST01..VMHOST10).

As our newly received storage bay multipathing policy best practice is RoundRobin, we had to change it from Fixed.

The main purpose was to get from there :

To here :

In order to avoid updating this policy for each PSP on every ESX server for each datastore (it could result in a lot of stuff …), a little PowerCLI script will do all the job as we can go doing anything else (as going on vBeer, etc…)

Get-VMHost -Name VMHOST* | Get-ScsiLun -LunType "disk" | ?{$_.MultipathPolicy -eq "Fixed" -and $_.Vendor -eq "VENDOR"} | Set-ScsiLun -MultipathPolicy "RoundRobin"

At the end, we have a pretty handy script :

For further information about vSphere multipathing, here is some links :

All is left for us to do is going on aperitif, and don’t forget :

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