VMworld 2012

Here is a late review from Europe VMworld 2012 that took place at Barcelona from october 9th to 11th. First we wanted to thank John Troyer and all VMware community for letting us attend to this VMworld!

This is the second VMworld we assist to and this time we’d the chance of going with our pal hypervisor.fr and to meet Timo there !

This year was radically different from the last one. Maybe because we were not alone this time, or because it wasn’t the first anymore :p In any case, we really enjoyed a lot !

Thanks to the last year experience, we’re able to better schedule this one, and to better focus on meetings than sessions. What we wanted to say, is that unless you had some questions to ask during a session, you can catch them up with Online Sessions Videos. Of course it’s not the same thing as living it, but there are so many things to see/do, you have to prioritize :p At the end, there were so many people we wanted to meet we switch on “Where is waldo?” mode :p

We wanted to focus on Group Discussion and Meet The Expert sessions, basically becauses theses are more “intimate” and everything is based on attendees participation (the Meet The Expert session was an awesome 2:1 chat with Duncan :p ).

One of the nice session we attended to was the one directed by Kit Colbert on Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management (INF-VSP1729), we took some pictures:

Then, there was the traditionnal Alan and Luc “Must-See” PowerCLI Best Practices: The Return! (INF-VSP1329) :

We’re also able to assist the #NotSupported #BrownBag sesssion by William :

We didn’t miss the occasion to take some pictures with the PowerCLI Gods Alan and Luc :

Finally we had the chance to chat with a lot of awesome guys: LucAlanDuncanCormakWilliam. We didn’t had the chance to see Franck, we’ll try to catch up on the next belgium VMUG :p