VSP1999 esxtop for Advanced Users

We start with this session because we were late in timing for VMworld and we couldn’t arrive for the first session we planned …

This one was awesome, with Krishna Raj Raja as the Guru, it seems to be just fine !

He explained and detailled us the main management tools for ESXi troubleshooting :

  • vCenter Alarms
  • vCenter Charts (vCenter Performance tab)
  • vCenter Operations
  • esxtop
  • esxplot (fling available ici)

Then, there was some details and explanations (new counters or calculated values) about esxtop news in ESXi 5.0 :

  • CPU screen (c) now display the VM number and total vCPU used on ESXi (very usefull informations here by the way)
  • new %VMWAIT counter is a calculated value base on existing counters
  • Power screen will display CPU pStates in Mhz (BIOS power mode must be OS controlled)
  • Low latency swap – LLSWR, LLSWW (seems not to work in 5.0)
  • NHN – Wide NUMA indication

For additionnal informations about esxtop (and why you can’t deal without it ^^), just go check on http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-9279

You can also read Duncan post about ESXi 5.0 esxtop new features : vSphere 5.0 – what’s new for esxtop