Veeam 6 default repository and proxy

Still in Veeam 6 tests, the new architecture uses proxy and repository (as you can read in the What’s New document of the v6 available here : :

Backup proxy servers. A single Veeam backup server can now control multiple backup proxy servers
acting as data movers. Unlike a full-blown backup server, proxy servers do not require Microsoft SQL
Server and consist of just a few lightweight components that install in seconds. This wizard-driven
process allows for no-hassle scaling of your installation by leveraging your existing Windows servers.
v6’s new distributed architecture and “automated-everything” approach simplify deployment
and maintenance of ROBO and large installations of Veeam Backup & Replication.
Backup repositories. v6 introduces the concept of backup repositories (also known as media servers),
which decouple backup target settings from backup jobs and backup proxy servers. This new backup
infrastructure design enables jobs to be dynamically assigned to proxy servers based on availability
and workload.

You can access theses through the Veeam console :

At the installation, Veeam declares a default proxy and repository. However, their parameters can not necessarily be what you want (eg the default repository points to C:\backup) :

The problem is that you can not delete the repository with the GUI (if you are some kind of perfectionist and you do not want to see something you do not use).

Here is a way (with Powershell and Veeam snappin) that allow you to delete the default proxy and repository created during installation :

# Disable the default installation-created proxy
 Disable-VBRViProxy -Proxy (Get-VBRViProxy -Name "VMware Backup Proxy")

# Delete the default installation-created repository
(Get-VBRBackupRepository -name "Default Backup Repository").Delete()

Of course, this is just aesthetic and not mandatory at all.


  1. Done that and the default repo gone away, now i’m unable to create any backup because veeam says “Backup repository ‘probably the uuid or serial of the deleted repo’ was not found” trying to find a solution.

    • You should only delete the default repository if you haven’t any jobs using it !
      You can recreate a repository with GUI or the Add-VBRBackupRepository cmdlet and edit your job in order to select it in the settings

      • nope, just tried it with a new installation a couple of time without luck and if you will upgrade, probably it will be recreated (take a look at the sql file in the veeam installation). Ended up modifying the original location of the default backup repository in the sql instance with sql studio express.

  2. You’re right pietro, and the uuid is the same for everybody 88788F9E-D8F5-4eb4-BC4F-9B3F5403BCEC

    you just have to run part (from line 4645 to 4677) of the sql script DBupdate.sql (in the veeam folder) and it will recreate the Default Backup Repository

  3. yes, nitro that’s how to solve the problem, but i was on a fresh install and got not too much time, so before reading that sql script i’ve simply reinstalled everything 😀

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