First dude sponsor, Veeam

We have the honor of hosting Veeam as first sponsor of our blog. This concern us particularly because of the recognition that this means but also because Veeam is a major player in the tech we love :p We hope for those who did not work with them yet that this link will help discover … Continue reading

vmdude goes english

As indicated in the title and as our colleague did, we’ll now add (slowly) posts we wrote in Shakespeare’s language (ie English ^ ^). The new posts will be added in FR and EN from now on and the old ones will be translated into EN (depending on time ^ ^) … Continue reading

And again, more blog !

Welcome to This blog has not been done to really meet a need when you see the plethora of blog on virtualization and computing in general (no no I’m not exaggerating …), but for me to keep easily trace of problems (and resolution ^ ^) encountered during my job, and also to share everything I have, and what I could do (mainly scripting). Why a blog? Because I … Continue reading