VM/Host/Cluster load in PowerCLI

In order to follow up our previous post about cluster load in PowerCLI, a chat with Alan Renouf convince us to add support for other vCenter objects, the basic idea was to build a universal Get-Load function that will display the load of … Continue reading

Cluster load in PowerCLI

Edit 01.04.2013 : A few script modification following a very nice observation by hypervisor (as usual :p) It’s been a while we wanted to make a PowerCLI fancy display for vSphere cluster load, in a kind of way VIClient does for … Continue reading

Mass disabling vMotion

For our new memento post, during a fully messed-up mastered maintenance operation from our beloved network team, we had access problems on our platform within and between VLANs which had the effect that some ESXi servers could not communicate with each other randomly … In order to avoid all vMotion tasks going … Continue reading