Here Comes SexiLog!

Following Twitter news, we wanted to share with all of our readers the big news of this monday 23th march, 13h37, i.e. SexiLog official launch! This post is not here to paraphrase official site (feel free to visit it by yourself on, … Continue reading

Compare advanced settings with PowerCLI

We needed to compare advanced settings from 2 ESXi servers which were located in different cluster managed by different vCenter servers. In order to avoid manual action and as we didn’t already made some script to do it, here it … Continue reading


Update 2014/01/29: Raphaël published on the OneLiner depot a command to list all VM without snapshot and with delta VMDK (hidden snapshot) We came across an interesting issue recently with one ESXi 5.0 server being disconnected from vCenter: Although ESXi … Continue reading

VM/Host/Cluster load in PowerCLI

In order to follow up our previous post about cluster load in PowerCLI, a chat with Alan Renouf convince us to add support for other vCenter objects, the basic idea was to build a universal Get-Load function that will display the load of … Continue reading