Restore of an Exchange 2007 / HMC 45 mailbox

This procedure can be used to perform a restore of a mailbox of a user in Exchange 2007 (HMC 4.5) The restoration involves a recovery storage group and a destination mailbox in order to manage the elements to restore and export to PST. Search the mail box of the user and record the appropriate Storage Group. Restoring DPM here as an example of StorageGroup 03, making the restoration of the ball to the User: Destination: xxx Recovery … Continue reading

Automatic disk allocation on DPM 2007

An important new feature of DPM 2010 is the autogrowth of the space allocated for protection groups. This will extend the disk space used by a group of protection when it becomes full. On DPM 2007, this functionality is not available, and the manipulation was manually, which can be quickly difficult in the case of a large infrastructure, or with … Continue reading