SolidFire vs DelayedAck

As we follow up our previous post SolidFire vs ATS heartbeat about issues we had with SolidFire arrays, we had to disable another setting: DelayedAck Basically, this setting is used during TCP communication between different hosts, as the receiver of a TCP … Continue reading

SolidFire vs ATS heartbeat

We had to deal with an interesting case regarding a new VDI platform hosted on SolidFire arrays. During VM boot storm (around 1000 VM per cluster), we lost access to the ESXi servers, their vCenter status changed to ‘Not Responding‘, with unresponsive … Continue reading

Dude is on Github

It’s been a while Timo told us about it, but now it’s done, GitHub, here we are. We plan to put all sources and scripts we did on GitHub in order to allow everyone to be able to download them more easily and to … Continue reading

Compare advanced settings with PowerCLI

We needed to compare advanced settings from 2 ESXi servers which were located in different cluster managed by different vCenter servers. In order to avoid manual action and as we didn’t already made some script to do it, here it … Continue reading

vCenter resources’ ASCII ART inventory

In order to prepare a presentation about our infrastructure, it has been asked to us to retrieve virtual machine configuration types, meaning CPU count, memory size and disk size. Basically, we needed to provide a list with all CPU count, … Continue reading