Powershell v3 and PowerCLI

Yesterday evening, we heard about a great news, a new PowerCLI release (5.1 Release 2): Alan Renouf published a post about it, explaining what’s new with Distributed Switches cmdlets: PowerCLI 5.1 R2 Released As we were reading the release note (available here, there is always … Continue reading

Veeam 6 default repository and proxy

Still in Veeam 6 tests, the new architecture uses proxy and repository (as you can read in the What’s New document of the v6 available here : http://www.veeam.com/veeam_backup_6_0_whats_new_wn.pdf) : Backup proxy servers. A single Veeam backup server can now control multiple backup … Continue reading

Base64 managing

Here is another memento which was very handy during a vCenter plugin developpement (there’ll be another post during week dealing with it), here is some base64 convert from string : In order to convert a string to base64, you just … Continue reading

Exchange 2007 reporting

The Exchange 2007 – Powershell pair works very well, and is even mandatory for some tasks (for instance there is no GUI in order to handle Public Folder client permission…) You can also use Powershell to make lots of administrative tasks, and even reporting. For instance, … Continue reading