2016 VSAN vExpert

It gives an immense pleasure to be among the (very short, we’re just 32) 2016 VSAN vExpert list. Indeed, in this year 2016, VMware decided to add some specialties to the regular vExpert program. There are 2 sub-programs that have been introduced, … Continue reading

vExpert 2015

VMware just published vExpert 2015 nominated list (available here with a little over 1000 entries) and it’s an honor we received this nomination. We wanted to thank you all for your comments and support! There will be another application available … Continue reading

vExpert 2013

Early this morning John Troyer had release the vExpert 2013 list and we had the pleasure to be in it! We would like to thanks again all the readers for everything and give a big hurray to John Troyer for the vExpert … Continue reading

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