17 August 2010 / #Blog #Wordpress

And again, more blog !

Welcome to

This blog has not been done to really meet a need when you see the plethora of blog on virtualization and computing in general (no no I’m not exaggerating !), but for me to keep easily trace of problems (and resolution ^ ^) encountered during my job, and also to share everything I have, and what I could do (mainly scripting).

Why a blog? Because I used to manage my personal KB form of flat file, it is convenient but very limited and ineffective for research. I went through forum, but finally, blog seems more appropriate (and blog it’s very Web 2.0-compliant, it’s groovy).

Why Wordpress? Because (na!)

For the theme, I based FreshPick Theme Lab of many blithely changed of course: p

With that, let’s rock ‘n roll dudes!


> Frederic MARTIN