5 January 2011 / #Vsphere

KB VMware pour décembre 2010

VMware Support Insider vient de publier comme chaque mois la liste des 20 KB les plus utilisées pour résoudre des incidents SR# chez VMware.

Voici donc la liste des 20 KB les plus rentables du mois de décembre 2010 :

  • [](Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support (1003212)
  • [](Downloading and Installing VMware Fusion (1005466)
  • [](Best practices for virtual machine snapshots in the VMware environment (1025279)
  • [](Troubleshooting transaction logs on a Microsoft SQL database server (1003980)
  • [](Upgrading to ESX 4.1 and vCenter Server 4.1 best practices (1022104)
  • [](Best practices for using and troubleshooting VMware Converter (1004588)
  • [](Virtual machines stop responding when any LUN on the host is in an all-paths-down condition (APD) (1016626)
  • [](Powering off an unresponsive virtual machine on an ESX host (1004340)
  • [](Recreating a missing virtual machine disk (VMDK) descriptor file (1002511)
  • [](Unpresenting a LUN containing a datastore from ESX 4.x and ESXi 4.x (1015084)
  • [](VMotion Is Disabled After ESX Server Upgrade (1003060)
  • [](ESX/ESXi 4.0 Update 1, 4.0 Update 2 and 4.1 fail with a purple diagnostic screen on AMD Opteron 6100-series processor based systems (1030509)
  • [](Uninstalling, reinstalling, and upgrading VMware Fusion (1014529)
  • [](Investigating the health of a VirtualCenter database server (1003979)
  • [](Decoding Machine Check Exception (MCE) output after a purple screen error (1005184)
  • [](Restarting the Management agents on an ESX or ESXi Server (1003490)
  • [](Virtual machine does not power on because locked files (10051)
  • [](ESX/ESXi 4.x handling of LUNs detected as snapshot (1011387)
  • [](Fixing an unexpected signal 10 error in Fusion (1018757)
  • [](Purging old data from the database used by vCenter Server 4.x (1025914)

Voici le lien du billet original de VMware Support Insider : Top 20 Articles for December

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