8 July 2011 / #Fling

New admin Fling : Boomerang


Yesterday came out a new fling from VMware labs, namely Boomerang.

You can visit the official page and get more info here

This new fling is really just a client to connect to multiple vCenter and/or ESX in order list virtual machines and let’s do some actions such as PowerOn / PowerOff / Suspend /Reset / Start a VMRC console.

When you start it, once your vCenter / ESX added, the first view is synthetic and practical enough to see everything, since VMs are grouped into large pack (in our case groups are by 73 VM):


Next, if you select a virtual machine, you’ll be able to do some actions :

  • PowerOn
  • PowerOff
  • Suspend
  • Reset
  • Launch VMRC



In the end, this fling is useful from the moment you’re not using actions but the proposed ones. If you need so, the vSphere client and a connection to vCenter will be mandatory.

But otherwise it’s pretty cool to be able to quickly access a VM console, especially since the tool is very reactive! Need now is the research and management of two-factor authentication, and it will nice and shiny ^ ^

> Frederic MARTIN