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Restore of an Exchange 2007 / HMC 45 mailbox

This procedure can be used to perform a restore of a mailbox of a user in Exchange 2007 (HMC 4.5)

The restoration involves a recovery storage group and a destination mailbox in order to manage the elements to restore and export to PST.

Search the mail box of the user and record the appropriate Storage Group.

# Ajout du groupe de recuperation
New-StorageGroup -Server xxx -LogFolderPath E:\RecoveryStorageGroup01 -Name RecoveryStorageGroup01 -SystemFolderPath E:\RecoveryStorageGroup01 -Recovery
# Ajout de la base de donnéé de recuperation au groupe de recovery
New-MailboxDatabase -MailboxDatabaseToRecover xxx\xxx-SG03\xxx-SG03-MailStore01 -StorageGroup xxx\RecoveryStorageGroup01 -EdbFilePath E:\RecoveryStorageGroup01\xxx-SG03-MailStore01.edb
# Configuration de la base de donnée de récupération de façon à autoriser son remplacement
Set-MailboxDatabase -Identity xxx\RecoveryStorageGroup01\xxx-SG03-MailStore01 -AllowFileRestore 1

Restoring DPM here as an example of StorageGroup 03, making the restoration of the ball to the User:

  • Destination: xxx
  • Recovery Storage Group name: RecoveryStorageGroup01
  • Database name: xxx-SG03-MailStore01
# Restauration de la bal "display name"-->(il faut renseigner le display name du User) vers la bal "mailboxrestore"
Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox "Display Name Utilisateur" -RSGDatabase "RecoveryStorageGroup01\xxx-SG03-MailStore01" -Identity "mailboxrestore" -TargetFolder "Restore"

The restoration may fail because of the limited number of corruption errors In order to confirm the issue, you need to open the last XML file which has been generated in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Logging\MigrationLogs and look at the error number. To avoid this, you need to add at the end of line the following command : BadItemLimit 1000

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox "display name" -RSGDatabase "RecoveryStorageGroup01\xxx-SG03-MailStore01" -Identity "mailboxrestore" -TargetFolder "Restore" -BadItemLimit 1000

You’ll just need to connect on Outlook, open the mailboxerestore mailbox and then extract the restore folder with the data wanted, and then delete this folder ad close the mailbox After restoration dismount the Recovery Storage Group and delete it

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