1 December 2011 / #Vmworld

VSP1682 VMware vSphere Clustering Q&A


With some delay, we go on the review of VMworld 2011.

One of the most expected sessions was the one with Duncan Epping ( and Franck Denneman ( during a full session focus on questions / answers asked by audience.

The idea was simple, they were here, we had questions and they answered them ^^ So the quality of the session was directly dependent on issues that were raised, but we’re lucky, it was awesome !

The two most interesting questions also received a copy of their book VMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive (those who haven’t already bought it really should, it’s a Must-Have!)

In the questions asked by the audience, we got the eternal dilemma about CPU/MEM distribution during contention with Shares setted up (we already did a post on it: Reconfiguring R. Pools) based on the graphics from their book that is just awesome !


We also hear some interesting questions about algorithm used by DRS for election of actions to be taken (the hard choice of risk / benefit, usage or not for values like %CSTP or %WAIT, etc. .. .) and about how Storage DRS works.

For once, we were not too badly sit, we’re able to take some pictures of the session:






> Frederic MARTIN