8 February 2012 / #Powercli

vCheck 6.0 released


Here is the 6.0 version of vCheck ! Alan Renouf just offers again a nice present for VMware community ! And more since we could participate in the beta to help Alan for testing/fix/improvement, we took the opportunity to blogpost it :p

For additional informations about vCheck, you can go on Alan web site ( or read our previous post about it (vCheck v5++).


In this new version of vCheck, there is a complete redesign of the script architecture. The one-file-script era is over, now, welcome to a beautiful folders/library/plugin structure ! The plugin notion is new (you can check it on : vCheck Plugins). Basically, every check we used to have in previous version now become an independant plugin, wich makes it easier to manage !

We’re currently working to provide all additional check we made for vCheck v5++ to make them available for v6 ! Alan also developped some cmdlet (for now it’s just sourced scripts but there’ll may be a PowerShell module someday ^^) in order to manage plugin (ie download automatically updated plugin and/or new ones), @jakerobinson already posted about this functionnality, you can look at the video in order to get more information: vCheck6 Utility Commands


To download the script, you can visit :

> Frederic MARTIN