17 February 2012 / #Veeam

Veeam Backup 6 Patch3


Patch3 (KB1442) for Veeam Backup & Recovery v6 was released this week with a lot of bug fix and enhancements. As usual, all patches are cumulative. So you can install Patch3 on a fresh Veeam install.

Here are the fixes from this patch :

  • Application-aware processing fails for SQL server where Veeam configuration database is located.
  • Cannot specify 0 in re-IP rule.
  • Hot add operation can sometimes cause a very long backup source/target proxy Virtual Machine stun. This stun can be so long that it can cause all jobs using this backup proxy to fail due to timeout with:_Error: Client error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time_.
  • CBT may fail on  virtual disks other than Hard Disk 1 with the _Soap fault. A specified parameter was not correct_ error when the hot add processing mode is used.
  • Backup console UI freezes periodically (upon automatic refresh event) when there is a large number of managed objects exist.
  • Any job processing the same Virtual Machine longer than 48 hours is forcibly terminated.The new timeout is set to 7 days.
  • Very large jobs start failing with the _Failed to save file content_ error after the VBM metadata file reaches 4 MB in size.
  • Hyper-V CSV ownership change during backup or replication preparation process may take too long with certain storage devices, causing bug check (BSOD) on Hyper-V hosts.
  • Hyper-V virtual disks with the disk file’s extension in capital letters (.VHD) are backed up like regular files, and not like virtual disks.
  • Copying very large files to Linux or ESX host with service console credentials specified may fail.

And enhancements :

  • For VMware virtual machines with multiple disks, hot add was changed to only happen once for each processed virtual machine instead of multiple times, before each processed disk.
  • Improved VMware replication failback performance by enhancing the virtual disk digest calculation process.
  • Improved vPower NFS performance by removing some excessive logging.
  • Changed the warning about outdated VMware Tools on the processed virtual machine to an information event.
  • Removed CBT warning from the initial run of backup and replication jobs which have backup and replica mapping configured.
  • Added support for adding Hyper-V with Veeam Backup and Replicationg installed. Previously, adding the host would fail with the User credentials cannot be used for local connections error.
  • Improved bottleneck analysis formulas for proxy and network processing stages. For example, heavy backup target load should no longer affect the Network stage percent busy value.

You can read full Release Notes on this page : Patch 3 Release Notes for Veeam Backup & Replication

Patch3 installation is quite easy to complete, all you have to do is run the patch executable which will update Veeam Backup server :





Once Veeam server updated, you’ll have to run a Veeam Console in order to update all agents :




Once finished, Veeam server and Proxies are up to date :


For information, here is the Veeam support forum post which list known issues with v6 and released patches[FIXES] v6 Known Issues and Patches

> Frederic MARTIN