28 March 2012 / #Blog

New style for the dude


As you may have noticed, the dude has a new theme (with also a favicon and a real logo :p) ! It been a while since I wanted to do it, I had a few settings and CSS customization to finish, but now it’s almost done (but enough to be shown).

The new theme is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, which’ll allow for instance to have a mobile-first theme, aka resolution-adaptive theme, very usefull for smartphone or tablet browsing.

For instance, here is the website browsed with an iPhone and an iPad (without any plugin, full CSS < lighter) :



Here it is, I hoped that you’ll like the new theme, there are still some last small adjustments to make (make a vector logo, 2 or 3 CSS settings, !), but hey, we’re approaching to the end: p

> Frederic MARTIN