4 May 2012 / #Powercli #Vsphere

vSphere inventory in visionApp

We’re using the tool visionApp ASG Remote Desktop in order to manage our RDP/ICA/SSH connections. It’s a handy tab remote connection tools used to connect to several server types (ESXi, Linux, Windows, !), and a free edition is available (limited, but free :p).



It’s just missing right now a synchronizing tool for vSphere inventory (in order to have vSphere inventory item in visionApp treeview). So we decided to make our own with the help of PowerCLI of course ! Here is a PowerCLI script that will create 2 *.csv files (one for ESXi hosts and one for virtual machines), with 2 parameters :

  • HostCSVFile : filepath for ESXi hosts csv export
  • VMCSVFile : filepath for virtual machines csv export

Both parameters are independant, you can use them as you wish, individually (in order to export only ESXi hosts or virtual machines) or together (in order to export both)

.\ESX4VRD.ps1 -HostCSVFile C:\Host.csv
.\ESX4VRD.ps1 -VMCSVFile C:\VM.csv
.\ESX4VRD.ps1 -HostCSVFile C:\Host.csv -VMCSVFile C:\VM.csv

Then you’ll just have to import theses files into visionApp to get back the same inventory than vSphere in the treeview :



You can download the script here : esx4vrd.ps1

> Frederic MARTIN