5 October 2012 / #Vsphere

vSphere web client localization

Edit - 2012.12.21 : Adding chinese string Since version 5.0, VMware changed the way they see the vSphere client as they released a full flex-based web client as an alternative for the C# one.

With version 5.1, this client is no longer an alternative and become the primary one, as new 5.1 features will only be available through this web client, much to the disappointment of C# client aficionados.


For legacy client wistful, is providing some PowerCLI scripts in order to fullfill the gap.

Despite the fact that some features are not yet available through web client (for instance Update Manager still have to be managed through the C# client), one of the biggest issues is that the web client locale is based on local computer regional settings, without the ability to be modified, while the C# client allowed us to change langage.

Justin King just wrote a post explaining how it is now possible to change the web client locale by modifying the URL.

By default, you can access web client through:


Now, you just have to add the following string at the end of the URL in order to change the locale:


For instance, if you want to force english locale for the web client, you just have to type the following URL:


Here are the supported locale:

  • English – /?locale=en_US
  • German – /?locale=de_DE
  • French – /?locale=fr_FR
  • Japonese – /?locale=ja_JP
  • Chinese – /?locale=zh_CN





Far from us to to legitimize the exclusive use of the web client, but unfortunately, VMware statement is clear, the next vSphere version will no longer have C# client ! (who talk about PowerCLI ?? ^^)

At least, we can change the web client locale, because honestly, FR traduction is lame weak :p

> Frederic MARTIN