12 February 2013 / #Powercli #Powershell

Powershell v3 and PowerCLI

Yesterday evening, we heard about a great news, a new PowerCLI release (5.1 Release 2):


Alan Renouf published a post about it, explaining what’s new with Distributed Switches cmdlets: PowerCLI 5.1 R2 Released

As we were reading the release note (available here, there is always good information in it!), we finally saw Powershell v3 support for PowerCLI !!!


This will allow a lot of good stuff, including performance enhancement of Get-ChildItem cmdlet. We will make further tests in order to try again the use of PSDrive in order to get some VM files (like .vmx).

We also saw new way for server connection (this method is quite the same VIClient plugin used) :

vSphere PowerCLI introduces an improvement in PowerCLI views. With the VimClient.Connect() method, you can now connect to a server by server session ID.

Finally, this release is awesome, let’s play ^^ The update is available on the VMware website:

> Frederic MARTIN