24 March 2015 / #Elasticsearch #Esxi #Kibana #Logstash #Sexilog #Veeam

Here Comes SexiLog!

Following Twitter news, we wanted to share with all of our readers the big news of this monday 23th march, 13h37, i.e. SexiLog official launch!

This post is not here to paraphrase official site (feel free to visit it by yourself on, but rather to explain the history behind SexiLog and why you’ll love using it 🙂 The idea of a making a ready-to-use appliance to manage VMware logs goes back a long time ago. Back in these days, we started to work with @hypervisor_fr on a solution based on Graylog2, but it doesn’t ended well for several reasons ^^ So we had to think different and make a new start from scratch. We finally choose ELK stack:

We had to start again and redo all work into the new appliance (transposing all Graylog2 « streams » in Logstash Grok rules for instance), but it was worth it.

After a lot of work, a dash of passion and billions of logs, here is SexiLog! SexiLog is a specific ELK virtual appliance designed for vSphere environment. It’s pre-configured and heavily tuned for VMware ESXi logs. It’s available through OVA appliance which allows you to deploy it in just a few minutes.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so in order to honor this adage, here’s what SexiLog’s architecture looks like:


And this will generate these dashboards:




On website, you’ll find all necessary information to:

  • Deploy the appliance on your platforms > QuickStart
  • Build your own appliance from scratch, aka Build Your Own Sexilog > Cookbook
  • Read the appliance’s documentation > #RTFM
  • Browse through the dashboards' gallery provided in SexiLog and available on our GiST page > SexiBoards

The project is hosted on Github, all configuration files used in SexiLog are available on sexilog repository. You can also visit Issues page if you encounter any problem or to give us feedback.

If you created your own SexiBoard and wanted to see it integrated to SexiLog, feel free to contact us, we could add it to the future release! There is still so much to do (specially the migration to Kibana 4), we will keep you informed as it will go. Feel free to visit!

Get it, try it, adopt it and enjoy yourself!

~Unknown geek

> Frederic MARTIN